The Facebook Death Star Moves Across The Web Universe (Slides)
The Facebook Death Star Moves Across The Universe

In June, Facebook became the fourth largest site in the world after only Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo sites. But how did it get there? Click through the slideshow above to see the advance of the Facebook Death Star across key markets (the U.S., UK, France, Italy, and Spain).

Each slide shows a snapshot in time, starting with January, 2008 to June or July, 2009. The charts are based on comScore data and show the relative reach (X-axis), usage (y-axis), and time spent (size of bubble) on various popular sites in each market over time. Facebook is represented by the blue sphere. You can see how it moves across the Web universe passing sites such as AOL, MySpace, and YouTube (overseas) and getting a larger and larger as it progresses.

In the U.S., Facebook’s growth continues at a remarkable pace, but the changes in the UK and France are the most dramatic. In the UK, in particular, note how a year ago it was it was neck and neck with Bebo, but by June Bebo had shrunk and lost reach, while Facebook had gone on to pass Yahoo, YouTube, and eBay as well.