Talkback Thursday: Would you use tags if we implemented them?


Welcome to our first ever Talkback Thursday, where we reach out to our readers for feedback on what they want to see. We generally feel that community committees lead to chaos (and that alliteration is amazingly awesome), but we like you guys.

MobileCrunch has grown a lot over the past year or so. A lot a lot. I’m not sure if we’re revealing the numbers just yet – but take an already decent number, then increase it a few thousand percent, and you’d get a rough idea. We’ve built up a good sized base of regular readers. We’ve got a few small changes we’re considering implementing for the sake of making the site that much more enjoyable, but figured our readers could help us gauge if it was worth the time.

One thing we’re considering, and the topic of this poll, is tagging each post (including all archived posts) with relevant keywords. It’s a blog standard, but something we’ve never really done – at least, not very consistently.

Not sure what the benefit of tagging is? It’s pretty simple. Lets say we wrote a post about a gang of exploding iPhones mugging a Palm Pre (which happens more often than you might expect.) Below the main body of the post would be a handful of links, one for each major topic in the post: Apple, iPhone, Palm, Pre. Clicking “Apple” would take you to a page with every Apple story we’ve ever written, while clicking “iPhone” would take you to a page with every iPhone-specific story we’d written. For example, here’s the tag page for Talkback Thursday. This is the first Talkback Thursday post, so there’s one post there.

Our backend supports it, and our sister and parent blogs do it; the only reason we don’t, really, is because the team prior to the current one didn’t. It would require 6 or 7 hours of tearing through the archives and assigning tags to the past posts. If even a handful of folks think they’d use it from time to time, we’ll get it done.

Would you use tags if we implemented them?(answers)