Meet Springboard, a new kind of start-up incubator

logo_v41A new start-up incubator called Springboard (@springboardnews) has “accidentally” emerged up in Cambridge. The guys at Red Gate have decided to officially share their facilities, free of charge, with other entrepreneurs. (They’ve been doing so already for some time, informally.) They’re offering food, office space, a three-month programme with weekly talks from tech luminaries like Ryan Carson, advice and even a place to live, should you need it.

They don’t want equity in your company and they don’t want seats on your board. They just want to be nice. “We think that getting to know smart people doing interesting things will, in the long term, be good for Red Gate,” writes CEO Neil Davidson. “In the future, we might end up licensing your technology, investing in your company or maybe even buying it. Or maybe we won’t.”

Davidson and the other guys are looking (ideally) for teams of two to three people working on a B2B product. They’ll give priority to start-ups working in markets adjacent to Red Gate’s. The deadline for applications is 1pm on Friday 28th August. Check out the Springboard blog for more info.