iTunes 9 wish lists list wishes

itunes_icon1Ahhh, Apple. Their followers are always fanatical, spending days dreaming away when and what the next product announcement will be. I bet Dell and HP wish they had this kind of following. Since September is typically when Apple announces their new products, the webs are all abuzz with people guessing what new shiny thing will be coming out. Some are even writing wish lists, but of course like an abusive parent, Apple will snub them and ignore their cries for attention.

I have to say however, that I do agree with some of the things that Macworld is hoping for. Personally, I’d love to have a “watch folder” feature, since I convert video to my iPod all the time. Don’t particularly care about the SD vs. HD thing, and I already have my library running on my NAS.

So Scott, I hope you’re right. It’d be nice to see a new version of iTunes come out. I just hope you aren’t disappointed when Daddy Steve ignores your cries.