relaunches with new look and a ton of new features

2383v8-max-250x250We last covered (formerly YouTube Desktop) in February, when they launched a new version of their player. But that was a relatively incremental update by comparison to this total relaunch of the service, the result of two years’ research and beta testing.

In case you missed our previous coverage, is a web-based interface for YouTube that allows greater customisation and control. It also allows videos to be saved locally and watched offline in customisable players.

The new features include a cleaner design, easier embedding, branding and customisation options, new player types, themes, faster downloads (now including MP3), playlists and a bunch of things under the hood to make the whole service run more smoothly.

The legal and moral implications of this service remain unanswered, though it seems clear that is moving in quite a different direction to Nick Bell’s, which was originally perceived as a competitor.