Yet another exploding iPhone

iphone_temperature_warningKnowing Apple, they’ll soon be promoting this as an “exclusive feature”: doubles as a self-defense device! But seriously, people, does your phone get so hot it burns you? Does your phone hiss at you before exploding? This is not the behavior of a well device. The iPhone’s owner said it “began making a hissing noise and the screen suddenly broke, sending pieces flying in the air.”

Do you think Apple will try to hush this one up too? A little late for that, I think. It makes me wonder how many of these there have been; our own KIRO TV here in Seattle investigated and found that quite a few iPods and iPhones have come to a hot end.

We noted that the iPhone admits its own heat problems, using the whimsical and self-referential warning screen you see here (slightly modified for this story’s circumstances) but I doubt that’d get Apple off the hook if a few more of these things blow up. Seriously, what would they do if a recall became necessary? That would be messy.

[via The Register]