The Flash Drive Lock: a solution looking for a problem

usb lock
Marketed as great for civil servants, the Flash Drive Lock is a combination lock for your flash drives. Yes, you read that correctly: you place this thing over your flash drive and lock it! Now your precious data will be safe from thieves, hackers, and the TSA. No longer do you need to live in fear of losing personal data from a stolen or misplaced flash drive.

At $10 each, the Flash Drive Lock is nearly as expensive as most flash drives themselves! I suppose it makes sense to buy protection that costs 100% of the stuff you’re trying to protect. News of the Flash Drive Lock comes by way of CNet, for which I’m sure we’re all very grateful.

slot-cleanerAnd if the Flash Drive Lock isn’t enough “WTF?!” for you this morning, consider the Memory Card Slot Cleaner that I spied at MicroCenter yesterday! It’s a $2 piece of plastic that you use to clean the various media slots on your devices. It cleans Comfact Flast, SD/MMC, Memory Stick, and USB slots to allow “maximum read and write speeds!”

Perfect for all you infonaughts! Buy two!