Spotify's latest hook-up: Absolute Radio and ShortList magazine

spotify_logoAnother day, another bit of news from hot property of the moment, Spotify. Today it’s the announcement that Spotify has struck deals with Absolute Radio and ShortList Magazine to launch what the marketing bods call an “integrated marketing campaign”.

Ads will send listeners to a microsite hosted by Absolute, where they’ll be asked to create a Spotify playlist “to reflect the various stages of romance” (a step in the right direction from the previous “YES! YES! YES!” campaign). Absolute DJs will be making their own playlists, too. The winner will take home a “Golden Ticket” giving them access to all the UK music festivals next year.

Is there any stopping Spotify now? What with impending mobile apps, global roll-outs and the appointment we heard about yesterday? It certainly seems – notwithstanding what Fred Destin said recently – that Spotify is emerging as a major power in online music.

Then again, not everyone is a fan of the service…