Gigulate adds Twitter functionality and new personalisation options

35689v1-max-250x250Gigulate (@gigulate), the “musical radar” that scans music blogs, reviews and retailers to collect information about your favourite artists, just rolled out enhancements that allow you to personalise the service and to access it via Twitter.

Gigulate can now scan your iTunes library in addition to scraping your preferences from, Pandora, MySpace and iLike to create your Gigulate Watchlist. Once you link your Watchlist to your Twitter account, Gigulator will ping you an update whenever a story breaks about one of your favourite artists.

To be honest, I’m not sure about receiving updates via Twitter DM. It can get very annoying very quickly, and I’m yet to see a service that does it in an intelligent enough way for me to stick with it. But it may work for you, and of course it’s not compulsory. But the personalisation options do sound like a positive leap forward for the service.