Another Positive Sign For The App Store: Proof Of A PR Team

picture-143Apple’s App Store policies have been under fire for months now. It looks like tensions are starting to thaw following a couple of emails from Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller to some vocal bloggers. But it seemed a bit odd that it was Schiller doing this after months of basically nothing on the issues from Apple’s PR team. But today brings a good sign: There is an App Store PR team, and they’re starting to communicate.

Now, to be clear, the email we’ve received has nothing to do with any App Store issues, and is instead just a pretty standard PR email promoting some iPhone/iPod touch apps for the upcoming NFL season. But the key here is that it came from someone in “App Store Public Relations”.

From what I’ve heard, the company fairly recently broke the iPhone PR team in two, with one side focusing on the hardware, and the other on the App Store, and this would seem to be proof of that. In the past, I’ve received similar emails, but they were always from the more general iPhone PR or Apple PR teams.

Of course, this doesn’t ensure that the App Store PR team will be any more responsive to inquiries about problems with the store, but it looks like it could be another positive step in the direction of more communication, which is good.