RFID-secured hard drive: sexy if it works

This little Freecom drive may look modest, but not only is it packing 2TB of storage capacity, but it’s secured by RFID, meaning (one hopes) that it’s impossible to access unless you’re right there next to it. It comes with his ‘n hers encrypted RFID cards, so you can keep one wrapped in foil somewhere and the other on your person. It’s even fanless!

All in all it looks like a pretty awesome solution for a small business. Effortless security, plenty of space, no noise. Now for the bad news. First, it costs $500. Yeah, I know — 2TB normally costs about half that. Second, Freecom is a mostly European outfit, so it’d be difficult to get anyway. And the last bad news is… they’re sold out.

Still, it’s an awesome little drive. I’ll love it from afar.

[via Gadget Review and EverythingUSB]