HTC Touch Pro 2 to be T-Mobile's most expensive phone?


Look – we love the Touch Pro 2, if only because the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is one of the most comfortable and usable keyboards we’ve ever used. We loved it even more once HTC started sneaking 3.5mm jacks into it. But hot damn, T-Mobile wants a lot of money for this thing.

According to a pricing sheet leaked to TmoNews, the Touch Pro 2 is going to set folks back $349 bucks. And that’s on a 2-year contract! Folks only willing to make a 1 year bloodpact have to drop down another $50 bucks, and those looking to get it contract free are going to have to put down $549. Yeeesh. That makes the Touch Pro 2 T-mobile’s most expensive phone, followed far behind by the myTouch and Wing, both at $199 on a 2 year contract. Hell, that makes it one of the most expensive on-contract phones on any carrier.

Lets just hope T-Mobile’s planning to drop a few surprise rebates before this thing goes on sale tomorrow. We like you, Touch Pro 2. But I’m not sure we 400-dolllars like you.