A bunch of sweet vintage-y desk lamps for you to buy

I may have thousands of dollars of specialized electronics sitting around my apartment, but I’m also a big fan of vintage stuff. I think there was a speet spot in the 60s where they were just making unbelievable lamps, for instance. And man could they make tables back before World War I. Sometimes you can pick these things up for peanuts, and sometimes it pays to have a little creativity and maybe distress something a bit, giving it that lived-in look. Or if you’re really lazy, you let someone do that for you.

For those of you preferring the last option there, this gallery of Etsy-available vintage-esque lamps over at GeekSugar is pretty sweet. I like the two pictured, but there are a bunch more to choose from, and I’m sure the crafty people at Etsy would be happy to modify one as you see fit. Or you could do it yourself! Come on!