Survey: 13 percent of teens have posted nude photos of themselves online


A new poll, conducted by Common Sense Media, suggests that teens are complete idiots when it comes to comporting themselves online. A whopping 13 percent of teens have posted online nude or semi-nude photos of themselves or someone they know. And then some 25 percent of teens have posted something online that they later regretted. You know, drunk photos and the like.

Now, when you’re still a freshman in college no one particularly cares that you drank two beers during an up-all-night Rock Band party, but come senior year? Yeah, all those photos of you running around campus wearing nothing but Scooby Doo underpants while doing so many lines of coke may come back to haunt you when you’re looking for a job. You see, when you send in your resume to COMPANY, odds are the human resources department is going to be combing through your online presence. Racist tweets? Oops! Incriminating Facebook photos? Yikes!

Young people need to keep in mind that what they post on the Internet will always be there. Oh, sure, you can delete the photo, but probably not before interested parties have already hit Print Screen and ricocheted it around the Web.

Of course, it’s not all bad news, per se. Keep a reasonably accurate Facebook profile, and prospective employers can say, “Man, look at this kid. Seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders. Let’s get him in here for an interview.” Or maybe you’re moving into an apartment and don’t know a damn thing about one of the roommates—oh, he likes “baseball” and “rock music,” too? Great, we’ll be the best of friends.

Of course, all of this assumes that teens still even use Facebook, which seems to be less certain these days.