OMG Yahoo Gets For Cheap

picture-42Yahoo has been active in the domain buying and selling space the past few months. Today, it was revealed to be the buyer of, which sold last week for $80,000, according to Domain Name Wire.

It’s a great domain, and a really, really great price especially considering the image-centric it has called yes, OMG. (Note: I had no idea it actually existed, at least partially because it didn’t have the domain — well, and also cause I’m not into celebrity gossip. But supposedly, it’s big.)

Of course, Yahoo has a history of obtaining good domain names and doing nothing or next to nothing with them. It sold in June for $380,000 after sitting on it for many years. It also sold to WordPress parent Automattic in April of this year.

Given the numbers for recent sales, it does seem like Yahoo scooped for a bargain basement price. As we said, it sold for $380,000, which also seemed cheap at the time when you compare it to something like, which sold for $3 million in June. And in February, sold for $5.1 million.

Sure, “OMG” is not even really a word, but it has become a common phrase in pop culture and would seem to be worth more than $80K in a world where sells for $3M — especially since it’s only 3 letters.

[photo: flickr/quinn.anya]