Oh boy! A touchscreen MIMO sub-display is on the way

Of course, I don’t expect our readers, as savvy (and sexy) they are, to instantly know what a MIMO sub-display is — so I direct you to our video review of the last version of this fun little doodad. Basically it’s a small display (7-8 inches) for putting your AIM list, media player, or torrent window. Handy if you like that kind of thing and could use a little extra space on your desktop.

Personally I was okay with not having one… until they announced that they’re coming out with a touchscreen version. The 720-S, one of two upcoming MIMO version from manufacturer Nanovision, will have itself a dandy little touchscreen (capacitive, I’d guess, you’d knock the thing over if you had to use a stylus).

This would be an amazing peripheral, especially in a system like Windows 7 that will be optimized for multi-touch and gesture control. Pricing isn’t announced yet, but its non-touchscreen relation, the 710-S, will cost $150. So at least $200 for the cool version, but don’t quote me. With a little luck we’ll get one to review and you guys will have the whole story then.