Is Google getting its ideas from the Ukraine? Maybe

Google recently introduced a new feature which created a lot of buzz – Anti Phishing Keys or email sender verification. However, it works only in Gmail. But are they gleaning ideas from a few startups out there?

SenderOK– a Ukrainian startup – has been offering this feature for over 6 months as its standard function. Moreover, it works not only in Gmail, but also in other popular web mail services such as Yahoo Mail, MS Hotmail and Live. The plugin extends the functionality of all widely used browsers, and also works in MS Outlook where it has the most advanced set of features.

Google has also announced another “innovation” – email sorting. Turns out SenderOK came up with this feature prior to that announcement as well. The product solves a lot of problems related to email management and social networking for business people.

This is the third Ukrainian startup that has appeared to catch Google on the hop: Viewdle (TechCrunch 50 2008, LeWeb 2008) was first – Marissa Mayer discussed it in her video interview here; UpriseApp was second (it competes with OffiSync that is actively supported by Google; and SenderOK is third. SenderOK launched about a year and a half ago, and its first public presentation happened at last year’s Demopit at TechCrunch 50 (September 2008).