Donkey Kong shelves for holding all that old-school gaming gear

You really have to want this, and you really have to sell it, but I have to say, it really doesn’t look that bad! After all, Donkey Kong is naturally shelfish. Kind of crazy, sure, but it’s iconic, functional, and original. What more could you ask for in a total nerd’s household? Maybe a TV to plug the damn systems into? Yeah… there wasn’t room on the shelves.

It’s from this list of “fanatically hardcore” gaming-related furniture. I also like the Space Invaders lampshade (which can actually be bought) and the Tetris shelving, which I’ve coveted for years. I’m going to have to make my own Tetrads, I think, since no design outlet seems to want to release them for less than a couple hundred bucks a pop. Come on, they’re Tetrads!

[via The Daily What and SpriteStitch]