Wearable beer dispenser solves multiple problems at once


If you ask me (and nobody asked me) the standard 12-ounce beer size is long overdue for an upgrade. We, as Americans, like things larger than life and there’s no reason we should still be drinking a single beer in under a minute. Until all beer manufacturers start shipping suds in 32-ounce (or larger) cans, we’ll have to make due with an apparatus such as this: the Portable Tap Dispenser.

It’s basically a backpack with a big tube to hold a bunch of liquid, connected to a tap. There’s even a pocket for holding cups if you still insist on doing your drinking 12 ounces at a time. I’m not quite straight on exactly how many ounces this thing holds, but it appears to be enough for at least a nice stroll around the block. The tube looks like it’s made of plastic, which will make your beer taste funny — better drink up quickly, then.

Thirty five bucks at FunIdeas.com if you’re interested.

Portable Tap Dispenser [FunIdeas.com]