Orange France outs the LG GD910's excessively high price

Oh man, Devin is going to be upset. He is enamored with the LG GD910, but I have a feeling that the price is a tad too rich for him. There was a rumor that it was going to be pricey and sure enough, Orange France is going to sell it with at €899 ($1,290) on-contract.

That’s a lot, but look at it. It’s a fraking watchphone that has a front-facing camera, Bluetooth, and even HSDPA connectivity. The vast majority of “smartphones” don’t have all three of those specs.

LG hasn’t announced plans to sell the watchphone here in the States just yet. I would wager that this generation of the phone will not be officially available here, although importers are likely already dreaming of the crazy margins they can get away with. Perhaps we’ll get the next gen when our economy is a little better and the watchphone’s price a little lower.

cellular-news via SlashGear