Optoma pushes out $1K 1080p projector, the HD20

I’m never sure whether a projector is a bargain or not, but one way to check is to compare it to similarly-priced TVs. For a grand you can probably get a low-end 42″ TV, or a nicer 32″ — and this projector offers a lot more than that. Of course, projectors aren’t for everyone, but I think we can all appreciate the specs, rub our chins, and say “Well, if I did want a projector, I might just go for that one.”

The HD20 is a 1080p DLP job, with a 4000:1 contrast ratio, capable of making an image up to 120″ diagonally. That’s a lot of inches! 1700 ANSI lumens makes it bright enough to use during the day, and it’s got many inputs: VGA, component, composite, and two HDMI. It hasn’t shown up yet on Optoma’s projector site, but I’m sure they’ll fix that right soon.

[via SlashGear and Twice]