DIY Battlestar Galactica Rockets

All things that are great and fun for boys are outlawed. It’s almost impossible to find a place to launch model rockets anymore – all Federal land is off limits and who wants some crazy kids launching rockets in the field next to their house – so this might be a case of too much too late.

These folks have recreated the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica, sexy little space fighters with quite a bit of class. These models are all hand-made and most run on one engine.

The Hyper Viper proved to be just that, hyper! The first flight was on a cluster of 3 A8-0’s and a core B6-4. For the next flight we’ll use 3 B6-0’s, with a core B6-6. While we thought the HV would be pretty fast, we did not expect it to practically “warp” off the rod. The photos below, will give you some idea (but not really) of the difference in rod speed between the standard single B engine and the 3 A8 and 1 B6 engine cluster.

“Rod speed.” Snort.

via Giz