Snapily offers customized notebooks with LASER COVERS

I know what you’re thinking, old man: “These kids today with their space rockets and their Yoo Hoo and their customizable notebooks! When I was their age I had a Trapper Keeper with cars on it (the Transformers ones were always sold out) and I didn’t have a service that allowed me, for the relatively outrageous sum of $15.99 for a 100 sheet 8×11-inch notebook and $10 for a 5.5×8.5-inch model, to customize my notebooks with lenticular photographs of my friends.” Well suck it, Grandpa, because this is 2009.

Snapily is one of those companies that lets you print stuff. They’re a dime-a-dozen right now but look at what you can print, people! Lenticular freaking notebooks for kids. You can upload an image or a illustration and have your custom notebook sent to your house.

Their website is abysmal – when you scroll over the images of the notebooks a huge window pops up and hides everything else and then it doesn’t support Safari or Chrome so MacTards and GoogTards can’t use it – but you can pick from multiple notebook styles including, but not limited to, 3D butterflies, 3D pink light rays, and Sea Shore Fun. You then upload one or more images and wait. Then you get a notebook. It gets sent to your house. I think we all see step 4 here… profit!

While I can’t imagine that the entire teenaged population of the United States has been waiting for this service it’s entirely feasible that some kids – mostly those girls who organize the eighth-grade dance and are cheerleaders and never talk to the fat kid in glasses who then go on to high school and join the popular clique and then graduate and finish with a degree in Communications from some party school and come back to their hometown and get married and live out in Powell, Ohio somewhere with a big yard and three kids and a husband who “did mortgages” until his buddy hooked him up with “FOREX trading” and who maybe meets that fat kid who is now a major web celebrity in a Kroger but she doesn’t recognize him because that girl got totally HOT and the guy just got fatter – may enjoy using the service.