Me Vs. Cookie Bottom: I Win.

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twitsAs many of you have seen, the Internet entity known as “Cookie Bottom” took exception to my ripping apart of his Bing jingle last night. In response, he made a video attacking me, while at the same time proving just how right I was. As I told him, that video was much better than the Bing one, and maybe he should have submitted that. Still, it was war. And I’m happy to announce that I have won.

Cookie Bottom’s Twitter account has been suspended for what I can only assume is a complete and utter lack of taste. In music, in clothing, in humor — take your pick. Anways, I guess I don’t even need to do a response jingle. I win.

[Just to be clear, I actually have no idea why Twitter has suspended his account. Maybe he was behind the DDoS attack today…I kid, I kid.]

Update: And it looks like my nemesis makes a stunning recovery. I have never seen a suspended account reinstated that fast. I smell a conspiracy.

Update 2: Actually, it looks like someone hacked his account. Hope that wasn’t our fault — sorry Cookie Bottom. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hacked.

[thanks for the tip tanacea]

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