Leaked Images Of The Facebook Android App Surface

When Android made its handset debut on the T-Mobile G1 back in October of 2008, a nasty bout of drama between Facebook and Google kept the former from developing on the nascent platform. 9 months later, Facebook took a look at the ever growing number of Android handsets and decided to move past the politics. Work on the Facebook Android app began, with at least one Google engineer lending a hand.

Facebook has yet to officially acknowledge that an Android port is in progress, but a series of leaked screenshots suggest that it’s well underway. We can see that the application looks exactly as one would expect, toting a ton of Facebook’s signature design elements. Unlike the iPhone application, there are no static tabs along the bottom of the screen for jumping between sections of the app; Android apps generally tuck these away into a slide-out drawer, accessible via the “Menu” hardware button.

Additionally, one of the screenshots indicates that the Facebook application will have a companion widget for the homescreen, allowing users to update their status without opening the application. It’s more convenient than ever to tell your Facebook friends where you’re getting drunk.

The screenshots that have leaked so far are all rather small, but they do the trick. If someone involved in the development or testing is willingly sharing these shots, we can probably expect more to crop up before too long.

[LeakDroid Via AndroidGuys]