G-Shock: Mister Cartoon x Redman x Todd Jordan


At last night’s Shock the World party, Casio’s G-Shock line unveiled three of their latest collaborations with Mister Cartoon, Redman and Todd Jordan.

The venerable Mister Cartoon combined his love of tattooing and LA into his custom DW6900MRC-8. It’s available now for $120.


Redman’s AW591RED-4A is, well, really red and the limited edition G-Shock features a custom Redman engraved back case. This, too, will set you back $120.


NYC-based photographer Todd Jordan’s spin on the DW5600 is understated to say the least. Going with a motif of black and silver, the DW5600TOD-6 features a white LCD readout and a back case engraved with Jordan’s mug. $120 for this one, too.