Review: Jakks Pacific EyeClops Night Vison 2.0 Binoculars

scaledimg_0583Whether you want it to put the lotion in the basket or have some great fun running around in the back yard after dark, the Jakks Pacific EyeClops Night Vison 2.0 Binoculars are for you. These super cool, $59 binocs have a built-in infrared night vision system for spying on folks in complete darkness up to 50 feet away.

While I’m not quite sure I know any eight-year-olds who need night vision binoculars, these things definitely work. They run on five AA batteries and display a small, clear image of the subject on an internal screen. There are multiple settings including a green filter as well as improved infrared LEDs.

Indoors these things work perfectly but outdoors the lamps leave something to be desired. I’ve found that some folks have solved this problem by placing an IR filter over a Mag-lite, an interesting solution. The binoculars also require two hands to operate so they’re not as hands-free as Jakks’ original IR goggles.
But seriously – these are $59 night vision binoculars. What else do you want? Laser sights? Robotic death machines? What did you have as a kid? A ball and a stick. And kids now have night vision binoculars.

Bottom Line
Get them if only to scare people spending the night at your house.