Hitachi's 2TB 7200RPM HDD is world's first

Having the world’s only 7200RPM 2TB hard drive is a sweet position to be in. For a couple weeks, Hitachi will monopolize sales among people who need both space and speed — like me! I’ll actually be waiting a bit before making the jump, since “world first” hardware on the bleeding edge of manufacturing technology tends to have flaws.

For those of you not sure what the big deal is, it’s simply that this drive spins faster than the others on the market now, which means lower latency and better read/write times. Most drives are 7200RPM, but these new large-capacity ones have been limited to 5400 or 5900 until now.

The 7K2000 is just shipping out today, so you can expect to see it on the listings here within a few days or a week. And, of course, it means lower prices for all those other sizes, so maybe next week is the time to upgrade after all.

[via Dvice]