PS3 Slim, anyone? Sony just ordered a whole bunch of PS3 components


The rumors surrounding a possible PS3 Slim continue, annoyingly. DigiTimes, the paper of record when it comes to what’s being manufactured in eastern Asia, says that Sony “has ordered enough parts to make one million consoles in the third quarter of this year, twice as many as in the last three months.” In other words, Sony just ordered an extraordinary amount of components.

What does this means? Nothing, maybe. But if you look at the latest PS3 sales numbers, you’ll notice one thing: a lack of demand for the system. So the assumption is that Sony just ordered all these parts in order to build a new PS3!

Sony could make the announcement later this month at a video game trade show in Germany.

Or, of course, this could all be a swerve. Sony is hinting at A, but it instead executes B. Clever!

via Telegraph