New piggy bank: The Coin Penguin swallows your coins, then dances for you


Japan sure has a penchant for extraordinary piggy banks. Tokyo-based toy maker Banpresto is now selling a quite unusual model, too. The Coin Penguin [JP] is a cute little, well, penguin, that can open its mouth, swallow coins and then reward the user by performing a quick dance.


Produced in collaboration with a design company, Banpresto sells the piggy bank as a lifestyle product. The Coin Penguin stands 16.5cm tall and is available in Gentle Gray, Innocent Blue and the inevitable Merry Pink.


The piggy bank is already on sale in Japan (price: $35). Ask the Japan Trend Shop or Rinkya in case you need to get one shipped outside Japan. But beware: Banpresto says the Coin Penguin recognizes Japanese coins. I’m not sure if the thing wouldn’t accept foreign money but you might never see it dance for you.