Microsoft will sponsor FC Barcelona to the tune of €2 million


Look who Microsoft is throwing money at [Spanish]! Yup, according to Catalunya Informació, by way of Sport, it looks like Microsoft is going to sponsor, in some capacity, the reigning European and Spanish football champions, FC Barcelona. It’s said to be worth some €2 million.

Does this mean Barça will soon be running around with MICROSOFT on its chest? Doubtful; we all know the team is in a multi-year agreement with Unicef whereby it (Barça) gives money to the United Nations organization.

Barça, as you’re probably already aware, is currently in Seattle for game two of its North American tour. The team plays the Seattle Sounders—also, coincidentally, sponsored by Microsoft—tomorrow night, viewable on ESPN2 at 10:30pm ET.

Apparently Laporta and Co. visited the Microsoft headquarters earlier today.

Some of you know what I’m talking about.