Love fraggin' dudes and checking out graphs? Treyarch's COD: World At War app is for you


If you’re constantly getting into intense debates with your closest compadres over who has the most headshots or the best Kill-to-Death ratio in Call Of Duty: World At War (and really, who isn’t? I mean, besides normal people), Treyarch’s got a little surprise for you.

This morning, the folks behind CoD: World At War (otherwise known as the first WWII shooter that anybody played for more than a day) released an iPhone companion app, free of charge. No, it won’t let you cap zombie nazis on the go. But you can check out all your stats, and have them graphed out all pretty-like. It’s got CoD news, all of the stats of you and your friends, and — just in case I forgot how terrible I am at this game — instant access to the worldwide leaderboards.

Check it out here.