DefCon badge hacks: 2009 edition

The infamous DefCon hacking and security convention is underway, and of course when you put together hundreds of talented coders, hackers, and modders, something fun is probably going to happen. And it’s definitely going to happen if you outfit all your con-goers with electronic badges equipped with a microcontroller and tell them to go wild.

This year, the badges also had a microphone and LED, but all the cool hackers bring accessories. I’d program my badge play Super Mario Brothers forever.

Wired has a great gallery of the hacks and mods a few of the people have put together, and a little info on the history of the badges. They’re different each year and made by hand… unlike CES badges, which are as plain as raw oatmeal.

I like the extra “Ninja Party” badges, which were all outfitted with 13-segment displays as well. Just think of the possibilities!