The Nikon S1000PJ projector camera leaks out along with three other Coolpix models


We always knew that Nikon was a leaking ship, adrift in the digital camera sea, but this latest leak proves it. Why bother with embargos and NDAs when most of the info leaks out early anyway. First, it was the D5000, then the D300s and now all these Coolpix cameras that aren’t official yet. This is what we know so far though.


The S570 is set to replace the S560 line with a 12.0MP sensor and a 5x Nikkor lens. It’s going to come in four colors – red, black, pink and blue – and will be available in September. $199 sounds about right seeing as that was the MSRP of the S560.


The new S640 will be a quick CoolPix camera with a .7 start-up time and a very fast shutter release time. Plus, the 12.2MP camera will sport a 5x optical zoom and support full resolution at 6400 ISO. Expect this camera to be available in three colors this September and will likely be priced around $249 like the current generation.


The S70 comes packing a 3.5-inch OLED screen and a 12.1MP sensor capable of ISO as high as 6400. It too has a 5x optical zoom along with electronic VR. Plus the touchscreen can even snap pictures just by touching the subject on the screen.


And true to the two rumor, the S1000PJ will come with a front facing projector that’s capable of creating a 40-inch image. The projector is housed in a separate compartment fires out of the front of the camera. The camera itself is a 12.1MP paired with a 28mm equivalent wide-angle lens with optical electronic image stabilization.

Note: Nikon! You have leaks. Either plug them or stop messing around with embargoes. This is tiresome.

PhotoReview via Nikon Rumors