Sold For A Solid $770,000

You’d think in the midst of a recession domain name sales would become less common and be negotiated for far less than the high-priced .com acquisitions we remember from the late nineties and during the dotcom boom.

The reality, however, is that we’ve been seen a remarkable amount of high-profile, generic domain names go at fairly high prices for the past 8 months or so (e.g.,,,, etc.).

Maybe professional domainers and regular companies with an attractive portfolio are more willing to sell now that cash is in shorter supply than it was before the economy collapsed, or maybe these are all calculated bets made by companies that have the capital required to purchase / invest in quality domain names. Most likely, it’s a combination of both.

Either way, we haven’t seen the end of it: earlier today, was sold for a healthy $770,000 by domain brokerage house Sedo, reports DomainNameWire. Currently parked, the domain name averages only about 12K unique visitors per month according to Compete. Hence why I think this is a decent deal for the owner – an individual from Boston, MA – although a lot of professionals from the sector will argue that he could have fetched a lot more for this one.

No word on who actually bought it, but that information will likely surface sooner or later.

More domains were auctioned off today by Sedo (listed here) but the most apparent ones were definitely, ($124,337), ($80,000) and ($56,000).

(Picture via TFTS)