FYI, Sony's VAIO W netbook is available for pre-order from Best Buy


Sony’s rule-breaking VAIO W netbook (1366×768 resolution screen paired with Atom N280 chip) is now available for pre-order at if you’d prefer to order it there instead of directly through Sony or some other retailer.

It’s available in pink, blue, or brown with a price tag of $499. The availability is currently listed as “Online Only” with an estimated ship date of between 8/12 and 8/18 (with standard shipping). The machines may be available in-store as well once Best Buy has an actual stock of them. That’s just speculation on my part, though.

Here’s a refresher as the specs are concerned: Intel Atom N280 at 1.66GHz, 1GB of RAM, 10.1-inch screen at 1366×768, 160GB hard drive, two USB ports, Bluetooth and B/G/N wireless, weighs 2.6 pounds and is 1.3 inches thick. So pretty standard netbook specs except for the slightly bumped CPU, the high-resolution screen, and two USB ports instead of three.

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