CrunchDeals: Get Madden NFL 10 for free with $49 Sports Illustrated subscription


Holy crap, magazine subscriptions are becoming like cell phone deals now. Subscribe to Sports Illustrated at $49 per year and you’ll get Madden NFL 10 on your choice of console for free. Now that, my friends, beats Football Follies or a quacking duck phone any day. Well it beats Football Follies, at least.

You also get a “Madden Documentary DVD” as well. Now just to do some very rudimentary math, Madden NFL 10 is going to cost $60 on most PS3 and Xbox 360. This deal cost $10 less and you get Sports Illustrated for a year and a DVD about a mushmouth ex-football coach-turned video game icon.

Subscribe to SI and get Madden NFL 10 Free! [Sports Illustrated via Fatwallet]