Someone has seen the Tapplet and is making vague statements about it

Looks like the mythical Apple Tablet (or “Tapplet”) has been handled in prototype form. I can believe that this guy is telling the truth because he’s an old-school journalist, working for Barron’s. Not that Barron’s is some infallible and extra-dignified news source, but it’s an establishment and they have to be extremely careful about respecting confidentiality. And since this article is so incredibly vague, I can only assume that Apple did actually show the guy something, but also told him exactly what he could and could not write.

Kind of sounds to me like one part journalism and two parts PR, but what do I know? I’m just a blogger. It could also be that he visited a less-scrupulous partner of Apple’s and got a prototype demo without many final features. That could also explain the lack of detail.

Anyway, I don’t mean to impugn the author’s reporting, it’s just funny that we get a “first hands on” that says exactly zero about the device. Basically, he just keeps saying it’s great without giving any specifics as to dimensions, specs, ports, or really anything. He does say that it will be announced in September and released in November. That’d be nice for holiday sales, but we’ve heard that it’ll actually be a Q1 2010 device.

Of course, we may as well be arguing about what kind of conditioner Bigfoot uses.

[via 9to5mac, where they have quotes if you can’t read the Barron’s article]

[also, it’s caturday]