Don't Look Now, But Flash Is (Kind Of) Working On Chrome For Mac

So, we’ve been tracking the progress of Google Chrome on the Mac for a while. The daily builds of Chromium seem to be getting better and better, and close to being ready for prime time. One major thing missing however has been the lack of Adobe Flash support in the browser. Well, don’t look now, but it’s finally working — kind of.

Okay, to be honest, you can’t pause or stop Flash videos on sites like YouTube, but the important part is that when you click on a YouTube link, the videos actually play. That is great. I’m very, very close to using Chrome for the Mac on a daily basis already, and this may have just put me over the edge of at least using it as a secondary browser.

It’s clear that we’re getting very close to a release of Chrome for the Mac that is stable enough for regular web surfers to use. If the team has implemented Flash support, I have to believe that they are close to where they want to be in terms of a general release schedule. Of course, they have already released developer versions of the browser for the Mac, but they encouraged people not to use them. I think soon that mentality may change, and we may see a public beta.