World's first USB 3.0-capable motherboard gets nixed

Asus dropped word last week that they would be coming out with the world’s first USB 3.0-capable mobo, and I was itching to make it the basis for my next PC. But then Asus had to go and spoil my dreams by cancelling the P6X58… and why was that again?

Not for any particularly interesting reasons.

God, thanks for clearing that up, Asus! I guess they don’t understand that even the most obscure technical reason would be interesting to the hardware geeks out there (and right here). I have no reason to believe this is the case, but I’d guess that Asus just decided they wanted to make something different, maybe roll out USB 3.0 in a range of products instead of just one enthusiast one.

Whatever the case, it’d still be a while before any devices came out that really even used 3.0, so it’s not like we’re losing out on much here.

[via Tom’s Hardware, images from XFast forums]