While We Wait For 12seconds' Robust iPhone App, We Get A Dead Simple One

picture-27412seconds showed off a really slick-looking new iPhone app at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp earlier this month. Unfortunately, that’s not quite ready yet. But in the meantime, they have another iPhone app that is ready, and it’s about as simple as can be — which may be good thing.

Called 12cast, the app claims to be the “simplest way to get video on Twitter.” Here’s how it works, you open the app, enter a title for the video, then rotate it to the left to bring up the video camera. You then record footage, hit send, and you’re done. (If you’re not logged into Twitter, there will be a prompt that comes up to allow you to do that.)

If the video you shot was over 12 seconds, it will only take the first 12 seconds. And because of the 12seconds limit, the uploading of the video occurs very quickly. And you can also use footage you’ve already shot and saved, by clicking the “library” link on the title page. Again, the 12 second rule will be in place.

As with the larger 12seconds app they’re working on, 12cast is all about using the video service on top of the Twitter social graph. The goal here was to build an app with the lowest barrier way to put video onto Twitter. The plan for a future update is to include Facebook Connect as well.

Obviously, this app will only work with the new iPhone 3GS, which has video capabilities.

The app will be available for free in the App Store at some point later today. (Update: The app is now live, here.)



12cast introduction and overview from Sol Lipman on Vimeo.