Verizon Samsung Rogue: not a smartphone, but we're still drooling


What happens when you take the Samsung OmniaPro, improve its keyboard and the general look of the device, then strip it of its smartphone OS? You get the Verizon Rogue.

For those looking for the smartphone package without the smarts, it’s a nice piece of kit. That QWERTY keyboard looks downright delicious, it’s got a nicely sized AMOLED screen, and the autofocus on that 3 megapixel camera should make your on-the-go shots slightly less craptastic. It’s got everything we’d want in Samsung’s first mid-range Android phone — except, well, Android.

Oh well – if you’re not the sort of person to get hung up on an OS, PhoneArena says you ought to be able to grab this guy come August 15th.