Thanko sells dental USB microscope

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Does your dental plan suck? Are you afraid of the dentist? If yes, then the Dental Microscope [JP], offered by Tokyo-based crap gadget specialist Thanko, might be the right choice for you. Similar to its lightoscope released back in April, this new microscope is a combination of a microscope and a light. Needless to say, there’s a USB port, too.

The Dental Microscope features six LEDs and a small CMOS camera that shoots JPEGs or BMPs of your teeth in 640×480 resolution or video in 1280×1024. You can then store the footage on your PC (Windows XP or Vista) via USB 1.1. or 2.0.


The Dental Microscope costs $80, but I have a feeling investing this money into a visit to the dentist makes more sense. People living outside Japan can wait for Thanko to list the thing in their English online store or ask Geek Stuff 4 U to get one for them.

Here are some shots taken with the microscope:


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