snags another round of funding. Woof woof!

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Those crazy Germans just love their pooches. Despite a downturn that’s hitting the central European country hard, German dog owners’ community site just raised a second round of funding. dogSpot’s existing investors (including the site’s founder and a couple of Angels) have re-invested in the website, which also has a sister spinoff called catSpot for, you guessed it, German cat owners. Sounds like the majority of the cash will go toward core projects like scaling the back end and building the community.

The company behind dogSpot was launched in 2007; the website itself debuted last October. It’s already receiving seven million page views per month. Incumbent competitors, which are generally less social than dogSpot, include Hallohund, the brilliantly named MyWuff and Dogzunited.

  • Bastian Lehmann

    What exactly do you mean by “Those crazy Germans…”?

    • Milo Yiannopoulos

      You, Basti.

      • Paramendra Kumar Bhagat


  • jack williams

    can dai spot snagz?

  • ralph polo

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