CrunchDeals: Roomba 500 robotic vacuum for $199

roombaA vacuuming robot: you know you want one. I have a Roomba. It sits in its box under my desk ever since we hired a cleaning person to come twice a month. Seriously, though, you should get a robotic vacuum. Amazon has knocked $80 off one of the higher-end Roomba units, the 500 series, bringing it to a cool $199 with free shipping (today only).

This one is better than the one I have (I have the first one ever). Here are the specs:

  • Vacuum-cleaning robot with on-board scheduling for all floor surfaces
  • 2 high-speed, counter-rotating brushes; anti-tangle technology; side brushes
  • Gentle-touch bumper; dirt sensor; built-in cliff sensors; self-charging Home Base
  • Includes bumper extension, cleaning tool, power adapter, rechargeable battery, 3 extra filters, 2 Virtual Walls, and batteries
  • Measures approximately 13 by 13 by 4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

This one features on-board scheduling so you can set it… and forget it. Hopefully you won’t forget it entirely, though, as I’ve done with my own Roomba.

iRobot 500 Series Roomba Vacuum-Cleaning Robot with On-Board Scheduling [Amazon]