$500 for the mother of all radar detectors

It doesn’t look like much, but if it does its job right, and you really love to speed, it may pay for itself after a few close calls with the Highway Patrol. I was just on a road trip and the radar detector we had was not entirely reliable — but for less than $30, you can’t expect too much. This thing, though, is supposed to detect potentially harmful police radiations up to 13 miles away.

The RedLine from Escort also does all the other luxury radar detector things — for instance, it cloaks itself from radar detector detectors, and radar detector detector detector detectors as well for all I know. I think that’s right. The cops won’t be detecting this thing any time soon, anyway.

It’ll detect pretty much any frequency and display it, and also detects “safety warning messages,” which I don’t really understand. It’ll even detect voltage fluctuations from the car. It seems like a nice piece of kit, but brother, $500 is a lot of ducats to be paying these days when you can get most of the functionality for a tenth of the price. Strictly for enthusiasts only, I guess.