The Bass Cannon: It is a cannon that sends out bass

Anything that begins “I built this as part of an audio visual project for Burning Man 2007” is automatically suspect, but this is actually cool. It’s basically a huge cardboard tube with a massive driver. The resulting noise, at about 30Hz, was loud enough to be heard around the creator’s block.

From what I can gather from research, the longer the tube length will raise your resonant frequency. I figured my resonant frequency was about 30Hz. I am probably wrong. I did the calc a while ago so can’t be sure how I arrived there.. It wasn’t too loud on the “test fire” audio sweep, but a neighbour from 2 doors down, certainly heard it and came running down the street.. “Are you making that noise?!”
Maybe me sitting on my deck with a giant carboard tube and earmuffs on gave me away.

Then he painted it black and dragged it out to the desert where he turned it on, blowing the minds of web developers from everywhere.