Nintendo's quarterly profits just fell 66 percent


We’re gonna need another cliché to describe the Nintendo Wii. It seems the little system isn’t as much of a money-printing machine as it once was, with Nintendo’s profits down 66 percent (!) from the same quarter last year. Now, the video game industry is a little weird because in no single quarter are you guaranteed to have a hit game. There’s no law that says a new Mario or Zelda has to come out every May.

Still, it’s not what you want to see. Combine the slowing sales of the Wii with a strengthening Yen, and you’re staring in the face of a bad quater.

Last year, Q1 came in at ¥119.2 billion. This year, said number is ¥40.4 billion.

Oh, and don’t forget the iPhone. That little home wrecker has the potential to upset the DSi’s little apple cart.