Nikon announces two new lenses, 70-200mm and DX 18-200mm

afs_70_200_vr_ii_lWhen Nikon let us know about the two new cameras today, they also mentioned two new lenses. Follow in the tradition of the recently announced 35mm, instead of creating something new, they are improving on existing lens technology to further bridge the gap between the old school film shooter and digital photogs.

So what do we have? Two lenses, not exactly new to the product line, but improved. First, the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR, that they’ve upgraded the vibration reduction and motors on. They have also reportedly updated the actual glass in the lens, from the “G” rating, to the professional level “ED” rating. This ED treatment helps in odd lighting situations, working to avoid lens flare and ghosting. The 70-200mm is scheduled to be at authorized dealers in September, with an estimated price of $2399.95.

Secondly, we have the DX 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 ED VR. Again, an upgrade to an already extremely popular lens (I have the “G” version, and it almost never comes off my D300). Nikon updated the lens coating with the improved “ED” level treatments. They claim that the new and improved motor drive system will provide faster and quieter focusing, to an already outstanding quality lens. For you lens geeks out there (myself included) the upgraded coating should also improve the chromatic abberration that could sometimes be a problem with this lens, in addition to the reduction to the lens flare and ghosting. The 18-200mm is also coming out in September, and it’s estimated price is $849.95.

Word of advice, from personal experience. If you want either of the lenses, pre-order them now. Nikon lenses are frequently the subject of shady sales tactics from speculators, and prices will go up as these lenses normally go out of stock very, very, quickly.