Ever hate a gadget so much that you destroy it?


You guys gotta hear this. There’s a 78-year-old woman who, for whatever reason, hates the president so much that she has decided to sell her two TVs! (What’s more impressive is that the woman even has a working TV post-digital transition.)

Now, why would someone want to sell two perfectly working TVs? Doesn’t she know that’s where they show Idol?

Says the ad:

Obama on every channel and station

My guess is that she doesn’t have cable or satellite, because I can guarantee that you won’t see President Obama on GolTV, the home of Spain’s La Liga here in the U.S.

The TVs in question are a 20-inch Sony and a 13-inch Sony. She may well have the two TVs I used as a youth to play N64 and PlayStation One games.

And this is all well and good, but what I’d like to know is, have any of you done anything similar? Have you hated someone or something so much that you sold a gadget, or, more dramatically, threw it out the window? I know Peter Ha constantly has trouble with his MacBook Pro, but he has yet to heed my advice (“throw it out a window, then walk to Mexico, to freedom”).

I have a similar story I guess. Back when I lived in Queens, my smoke detector would go off like once a day, for no reason. I’m not a smoker, and my diet consisted of sandwiches and fruit smoothies, so there was no reason for the thing to be going off every day.

My solution? I did my best Hideo Nomo impression, and slammed the detector against the wall. Illegal? Maybe. Dangerous? Absolutely.